We will support you with your project every step of the way

We will support you along the whole property value chain, from the planning and construction phases to conversion and restructuring. With an independent partner at your side, strengths and weaknesses can be better detected and concepts more easily implemented.


Local and regional retail concepts

The retail market environment is changing faster than ever. Regional planning requirements, current case law, the location and property requirements of the retail and real estate industry, shopping and consumer behaviour, and demographics – are all factors affecting retail developments in many ways. They make high demands on local and regional planning concepts for steering retail trade. Sustained pressure regarding space and expansion requirements, goal conflicts and ever faster changes in market conditions may lead to a dramatic reduction of the half-life period of retail concepts. We support you with our extensive market knowledge, data from a reliable base and professional analysis in implementing your development goals – all based on a sustainable and future-orientated conceptual framework.

Property Strategy

Expanding or downsizing your space associates the same sort of challenges for corporate property as it does for public buildings and infrastructure. The market value of properties that are not business-critical must be capitalised in the accounts presentation as non-current assets in accordance with operational requirements. Strategies for re-using or fully restructuring such assets are derived and legitimised by using exact, objective market data, analyses and jointly defined targets.

Feasibility Studies

For private and public property owners alike, converting properties and whole neighbourhoods (military, railway, industrial premises, etc.) or planning new infrastructure (airports, technology parks, etc.) is mostly a strategic and time-consuming process. Our main activities in supporting revitalisation projects include carrying out stakeholder analyses, creating viability models, identifying politically stable scenarios and pooling processes with the appropriate partners.

Utilisation Concepts

The challenge in developing an optimal residential district, shopping centre or industrial complex is to implement new ideas along with the right mix of cost effectiveness and functionality.  The assessment of the opportunities offered by the relevant key parameters on site play as important a role as the development of the regional economy and their driving forces. Sometimes innovation succeeds, sometimes they don’t.

Regional Analyses

Demographics, the labour market and transmission processes of regional economies are crucial factors for private investments, especially in real estate. Where stimulus for economic development and urban planning comes from, which investors are active with private capital and how markets should be standardised and classified are all questions we ask in our regional analysis.

Market Studies

For financiers, real estate developers and investors, classic bulwiengesa market studies serve as vehicles for strategic planning. They contain detailed, specific data which, seen against the complete data profile of a real estate market, reveal the market distribution and dynamics of the various solutions on offer. Positioning plays a key role in the competition process.

Local Authority and Political Consultations

The implementation of urban development projects, the steering of retail development via local retail and regional centre concepts, the analysis of the housing needs and the design of strategies for the development of commercial space require accurate and reliable analytical foundations. In addition we will assist you, in cooperation with other experts, planners and lawyers in the implementation of concepts and land use planning. Other fields of activity are the calculation of office space requirements or of the viability of wholesale properties, arenas or transport and infrastructure facilities.

Ongoing Market Observations

For analysts and decision makers alike, it is important to keep up with the times and recognise turning points well in advance. Our indices and market barometers help you to find the right solutions for the current market situation. Depending on your requirements, we will gather for you the appropriate panel of experts and decision makers from the German real estate industry.