Prospects for Real Estate

A long track record, high-level qualifications and an open ear for our clients – are the qualities that characterise our team of 80 employees. At our four offices social researchers, real estate professionals, and others work closely together. bulwiengesa's independence is deeply rooted in the company tradition whereby senior employees have a stake in the ownership of the company. Our quality standards can be depended upon. Amongst others, bulwiengesa data are used by institutions such as the Deutschen Bundesbank for the ECB, BIZ and OECD.


Company History

The bulwiengesa AG was established in 2004 upon the merger between Bulwien AG and the Gesa Gesellschaft für Handels-, Standort- und Immobilienberatung mbH. The aim of the new company was to strengthen and extend the range of consulting services and create new solutions for data quality, analysis and consulting services.

The predecessors of Bulwien AG (Bulwien and Partners GmbH) can be traced back to the establishment of the Münchener Institut für Markt-, Regional- und Wirtschaftsforschung by Hartmut Bulwien in 1983. The Gesa GmbH was established as a spin-off from the development department of the co op Group in 1982. Over the last 30 years, the valuation expertise from the early years has been supplemented in particular by two strategic components:

  • the systematic development of the company and its associated network and
  • a unique databank of such depth and quality so as to enable the quantitative analysis of data within portfolios, forecast models and strategic decisions.

Company Approach

Independence is of fundamental importance for us, because only through independence we can guarantee objective decisions: in the choice of information and data sources, as well as in the consulting work we undertake. The interpretation of complex correlations as well as thinking ahead represent our daily approach, our standard, our commitment. Based on these principles, we offer our clients and the public both a focused and comprehensive range of services. Relevant and reliable data, a well-founded valuation model and clear, comprehensible arguments to underpin strategic decisions, marketing processes, IT systems or socio-political debates lead to high customer satisfaction and help motivate us further.

Future path

Investing in the future and creating new dynamism.

The strategic focus of bulwiengesa will always be based upon the acquisition of inherent knowledge and the sharing of the insights gained. But what does that mean? At the moment we are working on new solutions regarding the valuation process for transactions and mortgaging, resulting in changes in the "rating" system.  We have also recently expanded our knowledge in the operational and management structures for buildings – a topic of increasing importance in developed economies.