Intelligent Data for Clear Decisions

Early detection of trends and market potential represents a crucial competitive advantage. RIWIS provides to-date, comparable and quickly accessibly data on real estate market topics.


RIWIS at a glance

RIWIS, which translates as 'Regional Real Estate Information System', is a highly developed, well-founded and professional information service for the real estate industry and real estate markets.

  • Yearly evaluation of more than 200,000 pieces of lease contract information
  • Germany: analyses of 125 cities and approx. 1,000 territorial units of various sizes
  • Access to up to 120 data series on rents, prices, yields and further relevant statistics
  • Information on more than 100,000 individual properties
  • Forecasts on various time series on office, retail, residential and logistics properties
  • Yearly evaluation of more than 3 million pieces of market and property information from more than 100 data sources
  • Data collection since 1986

All information is retrievable online, presented in a meaningful form, current, transparent and plausible. All market-related forecasts and indices are prepared in-house to ensure traceability.


Comprehensive market and property data form the basis for reliable decision-making. RIWIS data allows the optimal management of investments, supporting valuation and management tasks for individual locations or large-volume portfolios for various real estate sectors within Europe. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities or risks become more transparent and measurable for:

  • Investment decisions and assessments
  • Location decisions, expansion and competitive analyses
  • Financial reporting support (IFRS), risk management and its reporting
  • Portfolio strategy and portfolio management
  • Market research, strategy studies and back office requirements
  • Analyses
  • New setups
  • Market fluctuation models Access

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Data and Methodology

The RIWIS range of services is designed to support a variety of issues and decisions using current and reliable forecasts. Services on offer range from detailed information on specific properties to aggregated market data. Movements and trends are presented in time series and the most significant indices are used to make projections.

Wide Scope
Data areas (property-related, economic, socio-demographic,...)
Time periods (current and historic data, projected values)
Segments (residential, retail, office, commercial, special purpose)
Geographical areas (the surroundings of a single property, urban district, town, local authority, etc.)

Real estate investments are becoming ever more influenced by supervisory regulation. The financial risks associated with properties must be assessed and monitored. For this purpose, detailed, representative market data must be used in order to identify trends and assess actual risks and liabilities. RIWIS data is based on continuous and objective market observation and thus offers the ideal foundation to support the processes of monitoring, risk minimisation, audit compliance and also transparency. Supervisory requirements can be properly met and the application of regulations such as Basel III, MaRisk, KWG 20, BelWertV, SolvV, Solvency II, ImmoWertV, ErbStRG, or WertR2006 is fully supported.

With the help of powerful tools and scientific methods, a variety of raw data is blended together, correlated and analysed and finally consolidated into reliable market data. The processing of market data and calculation of forecasts, indices and scores occurs in-house and is supported and verified by regional teams of experts. Statistical methods guarantee data efficiency and reliability and ensure that regional structures and developments are not overlooked. This concept produces reliable indicators for sound analyses and forecasts. bulwiengesa AG data is used by the Deutsche Bundesbank and among others by the ECB and the BIZ.

Asset Check

The Asset Check enables a fast, well-founded and independent audit of the economic efficiency. The digital quick analysis tool is suitable for various types of commercial real estate – nationwide.


Usage-specific benchmarks help Asset Check users to accelerate their response and decision-making phases.

The tool provides a complete digital object and market data based benchmarking and thus a quick pre-valuation of real estate during the phases purchase, hold and sale. The user receives information on income and costs and thus for the first time all important investment information from a single source.

The Asset Check was created in cooperation with Drees & Sommer. In each Asset Check, the property-specific data is compared with real estate market data from RIWIS as well as with Drees & Sommer construction technology benchmarks.

Target Group

Inventory holders, investors, real estate consultants, project developers and asset managers.

How it works – the actual Asset Check

The Asset Check provides information about the exact location of the property, general market information as well as income and cost situations.
For example, the Asset Check determines the possible rental margins of the location based on the location and asset type. If the revenues of the respective use and any vacancies have been stated, the information such as income or rent losses is calculated on the dimensions of the respective asset. Operating and maintenance costs are determined on the basis of object properties such as age or standard of completion and can thus already be compared with earnings at this early stage.

All Asset Checks work interactively and prepare the relevant results in a meaningful way. All registered and created objects are only available to the registered user.

Further information

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Strong partners in Europe
The regional expertise required to analyse and process data for local markets is highly valued and forms the basis for market research at bulwiengesa. This is why, especially for expansion of the Europe database, we count on the following international partnerships:

Standort + Markt (Austria)
Standort + Markt was established in 1973 and is an independent consulting firm specialising in commercial property location issues. With its consulting services, analyses, market data collation, monitoring activities and valuations, Standort + Markt is currently active in over 15 European countries. Since 2012, Standort + Markt and bulwiengesa have pooled their methodical and analytical market expertise in the RIWIS research and analysis tool.
RIWIS goes Austria!

Istanbul Valuation (Turkey)
Istanbul Valuation was established in 2005 as an independent consulting firm for property valuation and consulting for the office, retail, hotel and logistics sectors. Valuations, utilisation analyses, feasibility studies and market research round off the range of services on offer. Since 2012, RIWIS Europe has been enhanced through the know-how and local market expertise of Istanbul Valuation.
RIWIS goes Turkey!